Inspection Center

Inspection Center

Inspection Center is one of the earliest departments of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After years of development, no matter its scale, test equipment, or test items all have distinct advantages in renal disease testing in China. So far, it has seven branches, including hematology testing, clinical humoral test, clinical biochemical test, clinic immunology inspection, clinical microbiological analysis, molecular biological analysis and blood transfusion department, and they can carry out more than 300 projects, about 95% of which can be done in one day. No matter its quantity or quality in kidney disease testing is the leading of the country.

Since the establishment of medical laboratory department, our hospital has attached importance to it. So far, it has German Roche cobas8000 full-automatic biochemical immunity analyzer, Siemens BN II specific protein analyzer, and Abbott Laboratories ARCHITECT i1000 SR automatic immunity analyzer, Sysmex XE-2100 Automatic blood analyzer, Sysmex 1500 coagulation analyzer, Sysmex UF 500, Kyoto UF-1000i & AX-4030, France bioMérieux Bact/Alert 3D automated blood culture system, ABI7500 Real-time PCR machine, American 6-color BD FACSCanto II FCM, France SEBIA HYDRASYSI auto electrophoresis apparatus, Japanese Nikon Inverted fluorescence microscope and other international advanced equipment.

This department carried out the clinical tests of serum cystatin, NGAL and PLA2R early in the country, and tests of specific protein in urine, urease, urine osmotic pressure, ApoE, NT-proBNP, and immunofixation electrophoresis early in our province. Out characteristic tests include renal tubule injury detection, urine protein spectrometry, urine protein electrophoresis, urease, NGAL, urine osmotic pressure, hematuria positioning, ApoE, etc.

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