Chinese Medicine Treatment for Refractory Swelling

Should swelling be treated? Especially when patients experience no symptoms?

Normally when a person has tiredness or hypoproteinemia or idiopathic edema, it is possible for him to have transient eyelid edema or lower limb swelling. If transient edema is excluded and proteinuria also occurs, it must be swelling from chronic kidney inflammation and this shows your kidneys have inflammatory reaction.

Renal inflammatory response belongs to immune inflammation and it is very destructive to the mechanical barrier performed by glomerular epithelial cell. This causes plasma albumin to leak out of our body. Proteinuria is diagnosed when we have urine test in such a condition. Because plasma proteins Maintain the colloid osmotic pressure. Once plasma protein declines, people will show swelling.

The presence of swelling indicates that patients suffer from hypoproteinemia. While diuretics or increase of colloid osmotic pressure can eliminate swelling, which has no bad effect on your normal life, diuretics and other medicines can not stop kidney inflammatory reaction. Swelling continues to appear. Also with the development of illness condition, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and other complications will occur.

Thus, we should have treatment promptly once being diagnosed with swelling, no matter we have symptoms and discomforts or not, and no matter our life is affected or not.

Benefits of having prompt treatment: stop illness from progressing to end stage kidney failure.

Can swelling be cured or not?

Yes, proteinuria can be cured by Chinese medicine treatment when it is still in mild inflammation stage and kidney dysfunction can be avoided.

Why Chinese medicines can cure swelling? The reasons are as below:

1.Chronic kidney disease is divided into two stages: inflammation stage, and kidney failure stage. Swelling can be cured when illness is still in mild inflammation stage, but can not be cured when it develops to kidney failure end stage.

2.All the Chinese medicines are naturally and the laws of natural show that there must be medicines for any illness in our world, and as long as we take the medicine, we must get related effect. According to the laws of natural, there is absolutely a cure for swelling.

3.In Chinese medicine, swelling is treated with “Toxin-Removing Therapy”. According to Chinese medicine theory, extravasated blood, damp-heat, rheumatism and swelling all are excrescent substances to our body. These substances causes inflammation in renal epithelial cell through abnormal expression of cytokines. Because of toxins in our body, inflammation in kidneys keeps deteriorating, leading to aggressive immune inflammatory response which not only damages renal epithelial cell, but also causes damage on other kidney intrinsic cells with the development of illness condition . Hence, the treatment for swelling should focus on removing toxins out of the body.

4. Precondition: One, insisting on clearing toxins in our body. Two, restore the detoxification ability of our body.

5. Why does doctor tell patients that swelling does not need treatment and it will recover if you pay attention to diet and rest?

On one hand, we do not find the root cause of swelling for the moment. A large number of books, literature and textbooks emphasize that the cause of edema is unknown. That is, it is unknown of chronic kidney inflammation. On the other hand, we are lack of kidney treatment especially in western medicine treatment. There are no other methods except for medicines for symptoms. The result of symptomatic treatment is that swelling disappears temporarily. If you stop medicines, swelling relapses again.

During swelling treatment, paying attention to rest and diet is not a cure for swelling. Edema is caused by damage of kidney glomerular epithelial cells. Good rest or proper diet can not repair injured glomerular epithelial cells. It does not eliminate swelling and even lets you miss the best treatment time.

The appear of swelling is the reaction of chronic kidney inflammation. Chronic inflammatory stage is the best treatment time. It not only avoids relapse of illness condition, but also achieves the purpose of recovery. You can avoid life-time dialysis treatment.

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