Gratitude from Iraq PKD Patient

Gratitude from Iraq PKD Patient

At 17 years old, FATIMA felt pain in waist and was diagnosed with PKD in the hospital. Because her mother had PKD, the doctor told her it was genetic. But FATIMA did not care.

Later for checkup to the hospital, blood pressure increased, and creatinine was 270umol/L. Through the conversation with FATIMA, we knew that there was no good way in their country for PKD, and just let them take hypotensive drugs to control blood pressure. Once it develops into kidney failure, they will do dialysis. The treatment for her mother is the same.

FATIMA did not want to wait for dialysis like her mother, so she started to find good alternative treatment on Internet. Finally came to our hospital.

When FATIMA came to here, we examined her blood pressure, kidney function and color ultrasound and found both kidneys had cysts with kidney stone. Creatinine was 303umol/L, and she was very tired every day and had swollen abdomen.

She had high blood pressure is caused by PKD, mainly because kidney cysts in PKD oppress the normal kidney tissues, causing kidney anoxia and ischemia as well as hypoperfusion.

If high blood pressure can not be controlled timely, elevated blood pressure will aggravate kidney damage, causing serious kidney fibrosis and increased serum creatinine level. Illness condition deterioration will make blood pressure increase continuously, which may cause heart enlargement and heart failure. Some patients’ conditions develop rapidly, oppress kidney tissues and damage kidney functions to progress into kidney failure, finally causing uremia.

That is also why patient took hypotensive drugs but blood pressure still was high.

As for her condition, on the one hand, we use hypotensive drugs to control her blood pressure; on the other hand, adopted our characteristic Chinese medicine treatments, foot bath, medicated bath, oral Chinese medicine, etc. Through these, they can improve kidney environment to pave good way for treatment medication, and open the meridians of the whole body, which can make lots of toxins discharge from the body.

Through a period of treatment, now FATIMA could cook meal herself and did not feel tired. And she could sleep to dawn without breath difficulty. Through review, the patient’s anemia disappeared, creatinine also was reduced and blood pressure also recovered to stable.

Now she felt good. FATIMA said: “I am very lucky to know Doctor Yang. She let me know China has a good treatment method, which can shrink the cysts growing on my kidney and make my kidney recover strong.”

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