New Zealand Patient Experienced Magical Journey of TCM

This is our first time to come to China and it is also our first time to accept Chinese medicine treatments. But only one time of experiencing Chinese medicine treatments make us have incomparable awe and curiosity to Chinese medicine!

I am Maggie from New Zealand and my husband is Terry from Australia. He loves life, delicious food and we have admirable family. Since 2006, he had intermittent dizziness and we realized that there was something wrong with his health. His tests showed he had slightly high of blood pressure. Since then, he had to take medicines for blood pressure and also he began to control his diet and keep far away from some foods which are harmful to his body. It was really hard because he loves delicious food. But he had no choice but to give up these delicious foods.

In 2016, he took a physical check up and his doctor told us that he had a kidney problem. He was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. From that time, aside from taking medicines for high blood pressure, he also took some medicines. During this time, his blood pressure was always fluctuating between 120/80-95/110mmHg. Creatinine level, uric acid level and other indexes all increased. We was very scared because his doctor told us he may need dialysis in near future. We tried many methods to control his blood pressure and his high creatinine level. But it’s not gonna work. His condition was not stable. He began to lose his appetite. He had no appetite to the foods that he liked before.

Later, we learn Chinese medicine treatments in China through internet. Maybe this treatment could help control his condition. We had never been to China before so we very hesitated. He did not like unfamiliar places and also we ware afraid my treatment was not gonna to work. However, He did not like dialysis, so finally we came to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in January 2018. It is said that this is the best kidney disease hospital in China. At the beginning, we was very repulsive to people and things here. But gradually we found that doctors and nurses here were very friendly. When we had questions, they would answer our question patiently and have no complaints.

Currently, we had accepted two weeks of Chinese medicine treatments. Yesterday his lab reports showed his creatinine level, uric acid and urea nitrogen level all had obvious decline. Also his blood pressure was controlled to 120-130/80/95mmHg. His appetite got improved. Though he still had many foods to be avoided, he fantasized about eating delicious foods to soothe his stomach, hahaha.

We thanked very much for Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. we also gave thanks to his doctor and nurse. They not only helped treat his disease, but also gave us big help in our life. Chinese people are friendly and Chinese medicines are magic. We love China and hope more kidney patients can come to Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and get an early recovery.

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