Saudi Patients Treat Disease in China And Fell in Love Chinese Culture

“The Chinese history and culture, the Chinese people’s passion, and the miracle of TCM are all unforgettable.” In the ward of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Faisal from Saudi Arabia jokingly said, “now I should be half of old China hand,” tasting the Chinese tea.

Faisal was a soldier before he became ill, and he fought in the war. “For me, the happiest and proudest thing in the first half of life is to be able to fight for my country.” Faisal proudly said. Although he had suffered many wounds in the war and there are several bullet holes in her back, he had not let him shake her resolve. Later, the superior forced him to return to the country. Currently he was an electronic technician in the Saudi Security Forces.

“When I got back to my hometown, my wound was recovering quickly, but my face was getting worse every day.” Faisal said gloomily. “And then my wife urged me to go to the hospital to do a comprehensive inspection, test results come out after a few days later, shown I suffer from chronic kidney failure, at present the best way is doing regular dialysis.”

In order to seek for better and more effective treatment, Faisal came to China through the recommendation of her friend and began to receive TCM treatment.

When he first arrived at the hospital, Faisal, like many of foreign patients who had come to here at first, had no concept or even a skeptical attitude to the TCM treatment. “At the beginning, the patient was not very cooperative, and he felt that the treatment we had arranged would not be effective.” Faisal’s doctor said.

“When I saw the review reports, I learned that the effect of traditional Chinese medicine was ‘hidden’, which caused such a great change unconsciously.” Faisal also changed her attitude towards TCM after that.

Faisal’s condition is restored soon, a big reason is Faisal’s cooperation. “Since Faisal’s diet habit is bad for her illness condition, after came here, we arranged proper diet plan again for him.”

“Every time we tell him what can eat, what cannot eat, Faisal wrote them in details at her carry-on notebook like a schoolboy. He will also ask me traditional Chinese medicine knowledge.” The doctor said that the first time he saw such a “obedient” patient, and because of her own control, Faisal’s condition recovered faster than expected.

“I like Chinese medicine very much, but now I prefer Chinese tea, its taste is hard to resist.” Faisal said excitedly. During the treatment, he had a strong interest in Chinese jasmine tea.

“When we went to treatment room in the last few days, because there are too many people waiting to treat that need to make appointment in advance, Faisal was immersed in researching her tea and forgot to do treatment.” Faisal’s doctor in charge said, the doctor and the nurse had urged him several times, but Faisal insisted on drinking the jasmine tea off.

At present, Faisal’ physical condition got improved gradually. Because he once participated in the war, in addition to the kidney disease, he also had other diseases caused by the war, the doctor used the Chinese traditional therapies—acupuncture and massage to treat for him after he knew Faisal’s condition.

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