A Flower Can Treat Disease: Foreign Patient Marveled at Magical TCM

“In our country, the green leaves can be eaten by fried or boiled.” On the lawn of the Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, doctor was introducing the dandelion to Fich from Afghanistan.

“You can drink water with dry dandelion put in it, or you can pick its leaves and cook them.” When the doctor introduced dandelion in China can be used as a herbal medicine, clearing and detoxifying effect, Fich was surprised and said, “it is herb? When I come back my country, I must tell my family to put them in the water as a tea.

Fich, 38 years old this year, is a dentist with three adorable children and a loving wife. Three years ago, a routine inspection found out a problem in his kidney, and the results showed that Fich was suffering from Focal Segmental Glomerulonephrosis (FSGS).

“In three years, I’ve been to a lot of hospitals for treatment, but the edema and albuminuria have not been relieved.” Fich said. For this he was bothered and his illness never recovered, which made his family was also very worried.

According to the introduction of Fich, he met a Chinese friend in Afghanistan, and under the introduction of this friend, Fich decided to come to China to try the TCM treatment. “It turned out that my choice was correct.” Fich said with a smile, slapping his legs the edema disappeared. He had spent an unforgettable holiday in China and learned that dandelion is a herbal medicine.

Seeing Fich was so fond of dandelion, when the nurse was ready to pick up a flower to him, he clapped his hands "NO! NO! NO!” In Afghanistan, sending yellow flowers to others represents one does not like the other person. He explained to the nurse: “we are best friends, no yellow flowers.”

On each year March 21, the day of independence day of Afghanistan, the local residents will choose to climb mountains and organize celebrations. Fich thought that this year’s anniversary could not be celebrated with family, so he was a little depressed.

“Considering that Fich’s illness condition is getting better, despite he can’t climb the mountain, we don’t want to let him down,” the doctor said. In order to give him a surprise, Fich came to Baoduzhai, a mountain around the hospital, accompanied by the doctor and nurse. “We let him take the cable car arrive at the top of the mountain. He was very excited that day.”

“I thought I could not climb the mountain this year to celebrate at abroad, but didn’t expect to spend a special anniversary with Chinese family.” That night, Fich recounted his “climbing” experience to his families in Afghanistan through video.

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