Spanish Polycystic Kidney Patient and Magical TCM Treatment

Spanish Polycystic Kidney Patient and Magical TCM Treatment“I am very interested in China, a mysterious country. I know panda, Tai Chi, jiaozi (dumplings), and ancient emperors and so on, but the most impressed is the culture of TCM, which is more magical!” Carmenulti, the polycystic kidney patient from Spain, said when talked about the impression of China at Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. When she was a child, she knew many stories about China and also read the comic books of Journey to the West.

Whether it is Tang Suit, cheongsam, tea art, drama or Chinese kungfu, etc, the excellent Chinese culture is attracting more and more foreign friends. One of the most amazing things is the culture of TCM which has a thousand years of essence. It is an incredible thing for them that seemingly simple observation, auscultation, inquiry, and pulse-taking combine with acupuncture, cupping, scraping and root leaves of plants can treat diseases.

Carmenulti and her family are deeply impressed by the mysterious and profound culture of Chinese medicine. Unfortunately, after marriage, Carmenulti was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. In order not to affect to be a mother, she stopped her work and took treatment in major hospitals of Spain.

“The treatment is not ideal for nearly a year. By chance makes me think of traditional Chinese medicine.” Carmenulti said. In a process of waiting for the test results, she saw an Asian also waited in line, which made her think of traditional Chinese medicine. “After simple communication, I knew that the person was from Hong Kong, China who knew the Chinese medicine well and told me that even the root leaves of plants can treat diseases.”

Then, Carmenulti inquired a lot of information about Chinese medicine on the Internet. “I thought that on the Internet, it is hard to find the information of traditional Chinese medicine in Spanish, but there really have introduction in Spanish.” she said. Through the consultation phone number on the web page, she contacted Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. “My mom and my husband know that I want to come to China and receive TCM treatment. They are very supportive and would like to come to China with me.”

Many foreign patients like Carmenulti have learned about TCM through the Internet. “As the gradually increasing number of foreign patients admitted to the hospital, the hospital first launched English website seven years ago to promote the excellent TCM culture.” The purpose of building foreign language website is to let more foreign patients know TCM, learn about TCM, so as to understand the difference between Chinese and western medicine, and to avoid blindly seeking medical treatment.

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