Across the Ocean to China Take Chinese Medicine Treatment

Across the Ocean to China Take Chinese Medicine Treatment“Chinese medicines look like Coke. The first time I drunk the medicine I planned to ask nurse to give me a straw, but she told me need to drink with a large gulp,” in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fernando from Spain jokingly said, really wanted to add some sugars in it.

Fernando had Chronic Glomerular Nephritis 8 years ago and has been receiving western medicine treatment. Years of treatment did not achieve satisfactory results. In early February of this year, occasionally on Facebook, he saw a treatment picture of a patient from Bangladesh who had the same condition accepting Chinese medicine treatment, he thought of the magical Chinese medicine.

Under the advice of the Bangladeshi patient, he spent a dozen hours in the airplane to Beijing, China, hoping to use traditional Chinese medicine to eliminate disease problems.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 64-year-old Fernando sitting on the bed, is receiving Chinese medicine Foot Bath Treatment. Due to long-term loss of a large number of protein, he also had high blood pressure and respiratory infections and other complications when he came to the hospital. The hospital not only equipped with Chinese medicine doctor for him, also added a nurse and a translator composed of treatment group. During the treatment, doctors arranged acupuncture, moxibustion, fumigation, Chinese medicine foot bath, massage and acupoints hot compress and other traditional Chinese medicine treatments.

“Chronic nephritis has a variety of pathological types, is a group of primary disease in the glomerulus. Since Fernando had the disease for a long term, the process of Western medicine treatment in foreign countries is slow, it has become early renal injury when he came to the hospital,” his doctor in charge said, “because Chinese medicines have no side effects and adverse reactions, they can fundamentally solve liver and kidney condition, increase blood circulation of kidneys and restore damaged intrinsic cells injury.” The patient’s body recovered soon. Through treatment, his high blood pressure, respiratory infections and other complications have disappeared, the condition has also been recovered. “Hope in the Spanish hospital, also have Chinese ‘Coke’,” Fernando said.

Recent years, the hospital has accepted more and more foreign patients who across the ocean to China for receiving Chinese medicine treatment like Fernando. Chinese medicines, acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese medicated bath, foot bath, steaming, and other Chinese medicine treatments for kidney disease gain popularity by foreign patients.

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