Proteinuria and High Creatinin Level Which Have Troubled Me Many Years Disappeared Naturally

MALISSA, 66 years old, is a renal failure patient comes from Nigeria. She comes to China to take treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, and now, her creatinine level has reduced from 959 to 481. Before that, she can hardly to imagine the effect. Let’s see her story.

It was a morning in ten years ago, she found her legs were little swelling, but ignored, taking no treatment. Until five years ago, she started to suffered from headache and mood swing, swelling in her legs were more serious, and sometimes she can not walk. Local hospital test: Blood Pressure 160/100, Hemoglobin 115g/L, Red Blood Cell 4.12*1012/L, Serum Creatinine level 959umol/L, BUN 33.7mmol/L, Urine Acid 594umol/L, Protein 3+, Occult +, and diagnosed as chronic glomerular nephritis, kidney failure(Uremia). Doctor suggested dialysis and western medicine.

But dialysis haven’t changed her condition. Long term dialysis causes nausea, poor appetite, anemia and many other complications. Her condition gets worse. Once search on the internet, her find our hospital and after contacting with our doctor, she decides to come to take treatment.

According to her illness history and physical examination, our experts draft a characteristic Toxin-Removing Treatment for her, it include:

Using western medicine to control hypertension and other serious complications;

Choosing dialysis to remove toxins in blood;

Taking Maikang Mixture and oral taken medicine to improve immune system and promote the blood circulation;

Hot Compress Therapy and Foot Bath Therapy to protect renal from further damage.

20 days later, her edema is gone, and blood pressure is under 130/90, and other index are as follow: Red Blood Cells 4.75*1.12/L, Hemoglobin 128g/L, Serum Creatinine level 481umol/L, Urine Acid 211umol/L, BUN 10.3mmol/L, Protein Urine Negative and Occult -. MALISSA is very satisfied with the treatment and she will continue the Chinese medicine.

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