How to Make Refractory Swelling Disappear in Diabetic Nephropathy Without Western Medicine

Refractory Swelling Disappear in Diabetic Nephropathy Without Western Medicine

I am Charles, 48 years old, from Libya. 5 years ago, a physical examination told me that I had diabetes. My doctor gave me some medicines to reduce blood sugar level, but the effect was not satisfying so that my disease developed quickly. One year ago, swelling began to present, and there were a lot of bubbles in urine. Tests in hospital reported that my creatinine level was 513, BUN was 25.4, uric acid level was 732, and glycosylated hemoglobin was 4.56%. At this time, doctor told me that my kidneys went wrong, and suggested me prepare for dialysis.

Honestly speaking, I do not want to do dialysis. Because many friends around are doing dialysis, but their condition does not get any improvement. Therefore, I wanted to look for alternatives. At last, I got to know Tongshantang Hospital from one of my friends. I decided to come to China.

After arriving at China, doctors here checked my condition carefully. Test report showed that my condition was worse than I imagined. I have Diabetic Nephropathy stage 5, renal high blood pressure, high uric acid level and anemia. This result liked a nightmare. I told my self: “I’m screwed. I have to start dialysis.” Quickly doctor here helped me make treatment plan, which was consisted of Chinese medicine Toxin-Removing Treatment, oral Chinese medicine, Enema Therapy and medicine to lower blood sugar level and blood pressure. I was excited when I see this treatment plan. There was no dialysis. But meanwhile I was a little curious. Does Chinese medicine really help me?

After about 6 days’ treatment, my swelling disappeared, there were not so many bubbles in urine, and I did not feel so tired as before. Doctor checked my condition again. My creatinine level reduced 85. Afterwards my medical condition became better and better. The day before getting discharged, he checked me once again. My blood pressure was 120/80, hemoglobin level was 110, BUN was 21.1, uric acid level was 114, and creatinine level was 296. It was unbelievable, and it was a miracle. Doctor told me that it was not a miracle, but greatness of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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