How to Shrink Kidney Cysts and Make Hematuria Disappear

Shrink Kidney Cysts and Make Hematuria Disappear


Age: 30

Country: Nigeria

Condition: PKD, Hypertension

Why come to China for treatment?

It is a nightmare. Eight years ago, I found blood in my urine. Went to doctor and type-B ultrasonic found PKD. Doctor told me it is incurable and if progress, I have to start dialysis or do kidney transplant, said PFAU.

Four years ago, physical examination shown occult 3+, BUN 20.5, serum creatinine level was 349. I felt my condition is worse. But I don’t want to start dialysis, and do not want to wait for transplant, said PFAU, through a frind’s introduction, I know there is a kidney majored hospital in China, and after communicating with doctors, I decide to come for treatment.

Treatment in China

There uses Chinese medicine to treat kidney diseases which is different from my former treatment. Sometimes I only have to lay down in the bed or sit on the bed when taking treatment. That makes me feel good. After taking treatment for 30 days, every discomfort disappears. And examination shows BUN is 16.5, serum creatinine level is 180, and blood in urine is negative. What makes me happy is the cysts become smaller. Doctors say my condition is perfect. I think I start to get away from dialysis and transplant.

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