Treating PKD and Hematuria with Chinese Medicine

Treating PKD and Hematuria

Jeff was 42 years old and came from Philippines. He is a PKD patient. Due to the development of PKD, physical examination three years ago showed serum creatinine level was 170umol/L, blood pressure 150/90mmHg, and there was plenty blood in urine. He started to suffer from insomnia, often weak up at 2 to 3 o’clock, and can not fall asleep again. This made him sad. What’s more, he also had a poor appetite and suffer from anemia.

His condition became worse and worse. The local doctor had nothing better but suggested him kidney transplant. He didn’t want to wait for new kidney as well as kidney transplant, so he searched the internet for treatment, and finally, chose our hospital.

In the first seven days he came here, his sleep quality got improved. He went to bed at 10 o’clock and awake at 6 o’clock without break up. His appetite became better, and anemia disappeared, his face looked good and what’s more, the serum creatinine level was reduced to 320ummol/L, blood pressure decreased to 140/90mmHg, blood in urine was negative and the hemoglobin was near normal.

After taking treatment a month in China he left hospital and went home. He followed doctor’s directions to taking medicine and kept a healthy diet. His condition got better. One night, his main local doctor called him and told that his serum creatinine level was 2990umol/L and blood pressure was normal, 120/80mmHg. He said, I can not wait to share you the good news.

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