My Story of Preventing Severe Swelling

Story of Preventing Severe Swelling

"Because of lupus nephritis, I have many symptoms, including serious edema on the whole body, poor sleep, swollen abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Before coming to this hospital, I never thought how should I do, the only thing is to wait for death. Thanks very much for our great Chinese medicine, thanks for the doctors and nurses here. If without them, I would not gain rebirth." Ms. Lin told us with a smile.

Ms. Lin is 41 year old. Seven years ago she was diagnosed with stage 5 lupus nephritis, and then joint pain, fever, and dermatitis appeared. Five months ago, she found her whole body started to have serious edema, which made her could not walk normally, just lie on the bed. Therefore, she came to our hospital in a wheelchair.

Our doctor did a systematic check-up for her, which showed her blood pressure 180/120mmHg, proteinuria 3+, occult blood 1+, and weight 59.8kg, diagnosed with stage 5 lupus nephritis, renal anemia, and renal hypertension, etc. To ensure she could get effective therapy, we invited expert to make treatment schedule, including plasma exchange, diuretic treatment, Chinese medicine treatment, etc.

Through 15 days of treatment her edema started to disappear. Nausea and vomiting had been improved greatly. Under the diet guidance of nurse, her body became better and better. Each day she would walk in the hall with nurse. About 20 days, the examination showed her blood pressure was controlled in 130/90mmHg, proteinuria reduced to 1+. Now, Ms. Lin’s lupus nephritis has been controlled well, and she starts a new life without edema.

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