Chinese Medicine Helps Her Achieve the Wish of Father's Day

Chinese Medicine Helps Her Achieved the Wish of Father 's Day

"My father's illness improved day by day, which is a good news for our whole family." Briya said the wish of her Father’ s day is to travel with her father and let him experience a real trip rather than treatment for disease.

Briya's father Chandra is 59 years old, from India, which is a kidney failure patient. In 2014, he found himself having kidney disease in a physical examination. Then he started to try some ways to prevent the disease from getting worse. But he failed and his illness got worse after that. There is a lot of foam in the urine and accompanied by swelling of the legs, nausea, poor appetite, anemia and other symptoms. Check showed the creatinine up to 645, blood pressure 180/110, urea nitrogen 28.8, uric acid 506, urinary protein 3+. After a period of treatment in the local hospital without good results, his friend introduced him to come to the Chinese kidney disease hospital for kidney disease treatment.

In the hospital's ward, Briya held his father's arm and said, "My father, he has been working hard for us, never asking us to give any return. Now I have grown up and want to take him to travel around the world, but did not expect the first trip go abroad is for treat his illness.

After 20 days of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, Chandra's symptoms began to improve. Blood pressure controlled in about 130/90, creatinine fell to 325, the protein reduced to + -, edema and nausea and other symptoms have completely disappeared. Although he can not to play around all places like ordinary people, but our director arranged translation and doctors to accompany them to the Great Wall of Beijing, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and other places to play for a day after he knew about his wish.

Chandra returned home after hospitalization to continue using traditional Chinese medicine treatment. The situation improved day by day, the protein in the urine has completely disappeared. This year's Father's Day Briya can realize his wish to travel with his father.

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