I Want to Share This Miracle with You

"Before I came here, I have tried many treatments. I felt proteinuria is incurable just like cancer. "

As early as he was 25 years old, bubbles started to appear in Driffy’ s urine. Then he went to the hospital for examination was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis. But he did not pay too much attention on the treatment for his disease. Until one year ago, the bubbles in his urine started to increase, became more and more, at the same time he started to appear the symptoms of headache, nausea and so on. Then he went to local hospital for tests, and was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic renal failure and some other complications.

After that, he started to receive dialysis treatment. But a long period of dialysis made him more and more weak, his urine output became more and more less, his condition was getting worse at that time. He began to find an effective treatment to treat his disease on the Internet. Eventually he chose the Chinese kidney disease hospital.

After he came to our hospital, our experts gave him a detailed check. Through the analysis of his disease, then gave him the Chinese Toxin-Removing Therapy. That includes: medicine bath, foot bath, hot compress oral Chinese medicine and so on.

I Want to Share This Miracle with You

His situation has been significantly improved through about 20 days of treatment. From the results of his examination report we can see that the level of creatinine decreased from 949 to 365, urea nitrogen dropped to 4.4 from 22.1. Proteinuria and some other complications have been controlled well over here, his entire metal state has been greatly improved.

The results of a check before he was discharged showed that his creatinine level had dropped to 288. The attending doctor told him that he could reduce the dialysis from three times for a week to twice for a week.

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