Abbott Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

Abbott Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

Abbott Automatic Biochemical Analysis system achieves automation to the whole process of clinical and biochemical detection (before the analysis, in the analysis, and after the analysis) and integrates“quality, efficiency, and safety” concept. Quality systematization and standardization as well as unique and advanced technology ensure the accuracy of examination result.


1. Clot detection and automatic review function

It can detect the inhalational tiny clot with the sample and discard the sample. After washing the sample needle, it will inhale sample again to avoid the detection result deviation due to sampling error.

2. Serum appearance inspection function

It can automatically detect serum appearance and hint the sample' impact degree influenced by hemolysis, lipemia and jaundice.

Multi-wavelength detection: As for one reaction, using 16 wavelengths detect at the same time, through the automatic correcting and matrix and data processing, it will reduce the interference come from the samples and testing to the minimum, making the results highly accurate.

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