Li Yuzhen

Li YuzhenName : Li Yuzhen

Speciality : Treatment of Diabetes with coronary heart disease, diabetic nephropathy especially in TCM application method for diabetic nephropathy.

Brief Introduction : With about 50 years of first-line clinical work, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of medical system diseases. She is capable of mastering all kinds of diagnosis and treatment methods of common diseases of medical system, grasps and uses Chinese medicines for diabetes with coronary heart disease, diabetic nephropathy and particularly in TCM application for diabetic nephropathy. After dozens of further study, she finds the pathogenesis of diabetes and diabetic nephropathy. For each patient, there is individualized, three-dimensional and integrated treatment plan. TCM application treats diabetes with coronary heart disease without stent. Finally patients can stop medicines for blood sugar. Moreover, amputate can be avoided due to gangrene.

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