Qin Zhanghui

Qin ZhanghuiName : Qin Zhanghui

Specialty : Treament of Neck and Shoulder Pain, Spleen and Stomach disease, and Behcet's disease.

Brief Introduction : Qin Zhang Hui is a member of the Chinese Society of Disabled Persons Rehabilitation. Under the guidance of Professor Yin Kejing, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner, and Professor Gao Xinyan, one of the top 100 traditional Chinese medicine science experts. He published 7 academic papers and participated in the preparation of 3 Chinese medicine. He had practiced for decades and always adhere to the medical quality.He put the patient needs as the center and use acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatment to treat neck and shoulder pain, spleen and stomach disease, and a variety of incurable diseases. With its solid theoretical foundation and number Tens of thousands of rehabilitation cases, It proves his skills perfect.

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