Zhiqiang Chen

Male, born in 1957, graduated from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1983, and successively went to the Department of General Surgery and Urology, Zhongshan Medical University for further study and went to New York University Medical Center specializing in urology. Now he serves as the vice president and chief of surgery, chief physician, professor, doctoral tutor of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine).

He has been engaged in Chinese and Western medicine surgery in clinical medicine, teaching and research work, is good at using traditional Chinese and Western medicine to diagnose and treat severe and difficult urinary tract (andrology), has deep academic attainments, especially for prostate disease has more in-depth research, is one of the famous urology (andrology) of traditional Chinese medicine experts. He is the director of Chinese Medical Association, the executive director of Chinese Medicine Professional Committee of Chinese Sexual Association, the director of Guangdong Association of Chinese Integrative Medicine, the vice-chairman of andrology professional committee of Guangdong Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the editor of “New TCM” and “Journal of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine”.

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