Sun Zhanshan

Sun ZhanshanName: Sun Zhanshan

Speciality: Treating hemiplegia, arthropathy, cardia-cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, diabetic nephropathy, etc.

Brief Introduction: Sun Zhanshan is the disciple of professor Shen Shaogong, the famous Chinese medicine expert. He is also the inheritor of Shen’s Gynecology Academic Thoughts, member of Chinese society of TCM, member of Chinese acupuncture society, vice president of TCM association in Donghe district of Baotou City, and director of Sun’s traditional Chinese medical center in Baotou city. He is good at using acupuncture combined with medicine to treat hemiplegia, facial paralysis, neck lumbar disease and arthropathy, especially familiar with the treatment of cardia-cerebrovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and diabetic nephropathy, achieving remarkable effect. So far he has published more than 10 papers in medical journals.

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