Wei Shi

Wei Shi, consultation center special adviser expert. He has been engaged in nephrology for more than 10 years and he has accumulated a wealth of clinical experiences, additionally, he has been named as"excellent staff" for four consecutive years and his superb skills and his attitude that he treats patients as his family win patients’ and their families’ trust, most of patients come to see him, which makes him known as "intimate friends."

Doctor, benevolent. Doctor with benevolent will have kindness to patients. With benevolent and kindness, he would be a good doctor. Shiwei, consultation center special adviser expert, has a good reputation “good doctor can treat disease well”in thousands of patients for a heart of love and assiduous grind in the techology of Chinese and western medicine by his 10 year’s youth.

Published papers: "renal cell carcinoma immunotherapy research progress" "one case of siblings with childhood chronic renal failure "

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