Cao Hui

Cao HuiName: Cao Hui

Speciality: Treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia.

Brief Introduction: Cao Hui, dean of Yuncheng Ren'An Sleep Disease Hospital, the Third committee member of Yuncheng CPPCC, senior psychologist, member of China Sleep Association and member of Sleep Disorders Committee, member of Shanxi Branch of Psychiatric Association of Chinese Medical Association, the vice chairman of committees of Acupuncture and Massage of Yuncheng Chinese Medicine Association. Engaged in the special research and treatment of depression, mental disorders for several decades, has published “Insomnia, Depression, Psychosis”, “Vertigo Insomnia Diagnosis and Prevention” and other monographs, and published more than 20 national papers, in the country Level papers more than 20 articles, with a high level in the treatment of neurological diseases.

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