Daning Zhang

Daning Zhang, male, he was born in Tianjin September, 11th 1944, he was graduated from Tianjin Medical University, the second batch of national doctor, member of Central Literature and History Museum, International, academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences. Daning zhang has been the doctor of central health care, health care for central leaders of China and central government grants him as excellent doctor of health care. He is the committee member of National Society of Chinese Nephrology, director of China Association for Research and Advancement of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Honorary President and chief expert of Tianjin Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of Tianjin Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the founder of traditional Chinese medicine nephrology, he proposes theories including “heart-kidney axis system theory”, “the method of kidney deficiency and blood stasis and tonifying kidney and activating blood”, moreover, these theories are recognized by Chinese and western medicine.

In August 1998, nominated by Chinese Academy of Sciences and related organizations and approved by International Astronomical Union, asteroid 8311 discovered by Chinese Academy of Sciences was named as “Zhangdaning Star”. According to the arrangement of national traditional Chinese medicine office, he was invited to build “national expert Zhangdaning working station”at top three hospitals in several provinces and cities. Besides, he has 60 students, having class regularly, consultation and wards, which contributes a lot for cultivating qualified persons.

Papers published in NEBI by doctor Daning Zhang:

. Treatment Of Chronic Renal Failure With "Serial Recipes For Renal Failure": A Report Of 64 Cases

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