Blood Purification Center

Blood Purification Center

As a well-known specialized kidney disease hospital, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is equipped with blood purification center which is the hospital’s characteristic and one of the large blood purification centers in north China. Now there are over 30 sets of dialysis machine, 6 sets of hemofiltration machine and one set of multi-functional blood purifying machine Plasauto iQ 21. Blood Purification treatments can be carried out for all kinds of difficult diseases.

Plasauto iQ 21 is currently the most advanced and fully-featured blood purification equipment in the world. It can work on continuous renal replacement treatment, plasma exchange, immune adsorption and other blood purification therapies. And it provides more safe and effective method for patients who require continuous and slow blood purification. Besides, Plasauto iQ 21 has child treatment and adult treatment, which makes treatment humane. Moreover, in blood purification center, other dialysis equipment and 2 sets of water treatment equipment belong to high-end equipment of German original Fresenius. This provides reliable guarantee for clinical treatment.

According to many years of clinical research, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine summarizes over 20,000 blood purification plans which are suitable for all kinds of patients with advanced uremia and immune injury, under the guidance of home and abroad dialysis experts and directed at different types of kidney diseases and different clinical symptoms and test indicators. This can let each patient to have his own dialysis treatment plan. Blood purification plays full function.

Except for lots of advanced dialysis equipment, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine also has powerful expert team and focuses on related research of blood purification technology. They have made many achievements in dealing with complications from long time of dialysis.

Notes of dialysis:

There are many notes which dialysis patients should pay attention to in daily life. This can be helpful in controlling your condition.

1. Follow doctor’s orders, take dialysis regularly and do not stop dialysis at will to avoid the deterioration of your condition.

2. Increased body weight during dialysis sessions should not be over 3kg so as to avoid or reduce the complications.

3. Take other medicines to support your treatment, control high blood pressure and keep hemoglobin normal or near to normal.

4. Control your diet, limit salt and fluid properly, avoid high potassium and high phosphorus intake.

5. Observe internal and external haemorrhage, urine and stool color, bleeding spots and ecchymosis in your skin.

6. Form a habit of regular bowel movement and avoid constipation. If necessary, you can take laxative medicines.

7. Measure and record your blood pressure timely

8. Prevent infection and form good health habits

9. Take proper exercise, have enough rest and sleep

10. Be confidence and patient to your treatment. Keep a good mood and be positive.

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