Chinese Medicine Health Care Rehabilitation Center

Chinese Medicine Health Care Rehabilitation Center

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has established dispensary of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is larger scale in North China, has herbs variety complete, complete facilities and abundant Chinese medicine pharmacists. Its pharmacy environment is clean and capacious, management is in order, and medicinal herbs quantity is numerous.

The use area of Chinese medicine health care rehabilitation center is more than 600㎡, currently has more than 300 kinds of Chinese medicine decoction pieces, over 400 kinds of Chinese patent medicine, 3 chief Chinese pharmacists, 5 associate chief Chinese pharmacists, and 20 supervisor Chinese pharmacists, pharmacists.

The center has Chinese herbal medicine dispensing room, Chinese patent medicine dispensing room, Chinese medicines processing room, Chinese medicines storehouse, decoction room, etc, which are spacious and neat and orderly management, making medicine quality and service quality get efficient guarantee, meet various clinical needs and ensure the clinical efficacy.

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