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Chinese Hospital Treatment for Refractory Proteinuria

Renal inflammatory response belongs to immune inflammation and it is very destructive to the mechanical barrier performed by glomerular epithelial cell. This causes plasma albumin to leak out of our body. Proteinuria is diagnosed when we have urine test in such a condition.

Chinese Hospital Treatment for Refractory Hematuria

Just like urine protein, occult blood will not be founded in a healthy individual's urine. For a female, urinary infection and urinary stones can be the causes for occult blood.

Chinese Hospital Treatment for Refractory Swelling

Normally when a person has tiredness or hypoproteinemia or idiopathic edema, it is possible for him to have transient eyelid edema or lower limb swelling. If transient edema is excluded and proteinuria also occurs

1. Why do I need treatment for refractory proteinuria, occult blood and swelling?

2. Can I leave it alone?

3. Is there any good treatment?

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